Coming up: WRR Field Work Training in Copenhagen

After our successful pilot trainings in Greece, the WRR Fiel dWork Training is coming to Copenhagen this winter.

What to expect:

WRR trainings combine theoretical perspectives (for example, legal perspectives, historical perspectives…), case/practice studies, individual and group reflection and forum discussion & network creation.

Sessions include:

  • Overview of the stages of refugee women’s lifecycle
  • Introduction to different forms of gender-based violence and discrimination
  • Gender-sensitive cultural mediation
  • Intersectionality: Concept and implications
  • Professional and personal boundaries
  • Power dynamics
  • Self-care
  • Psychological first-aid
  • Gender Mainstreaming

Who can apply

  • People currently working with displaced women and girls and those planning to work in the field within max. 4 months after the training;
  • Volunteers/Workers in a supervising function (multiplier effect);
  • People running their own NGO related to the context or being employed by an organisation relevant to WRR’s field of work

Additional requirements

  • Proficiency in English;
  • Interest in the topics covered by the trainings and willingness to pro-actively participate in all sessions (2 days);
  • Participants must be over 18
 Training fees
WRR charges a 70 EUR training fee to cover for food, beverages and materials. 
Individual participants can apply for a reduction or exemption of fees. 

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