WRR at the Danish Peoples Political Festival “Folkemødet”

Each year you can find dozens of politicians, organisations and representatives traveling to the little Danish island ‘Bornholm’ to have dialogues and debates on current political issues.

Our Danish Team members tot he chance to attend and question politicians and government officials about gender equality and immigration policies.

The WRR team attended several debates on human rights, gender equality and social innovation, giving input and engaging in discussing with local and international stakeholders.

Our director WRR Mina Jaf spoke at a pnael debate on (un)employment and migration. She was joined by the President of the European Movement in Denmark Stine Bosse and Jan E. Jørgensen, member of the Danish Venstre party.

Mina stressed the point on how Europe has a common social responsibility in creating a sustainable job market for immigrants in their home countries. Furthermore Mina encouraged that there ought to be more support from the government in social entrepreneurship, as Danish startups could become a huge asset in tackling unemployment and foster sustainable growth in other countries.

by Shana


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