Award: Mina Jaf receives Women of Europe Award 2017


Women are not here to follow – We are here to lead!
On Wednesday, 29 November 2017, Mina Jaf was awarded the Women of Europe Award 2017 in the category “Women in Youth Activism”. The awards are organised by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, and are handed out annually to honour women striving to advance the European project in their professional or private capacity. The awards aim to highlight the contribution of women in promoting and advancing European issues, and to increase the presence and involvement of women in debates about Europe and its future.

Mina and the whole team feel honoured of having received this award. We believe that one does not need to be of a certain age to be a role model and young activists are important to empower women girls all over the world. As Mina said in her acceptance speech “The voice you have give us, shall also make those women visible who cannot be here with us today.” d about WRRs plans are for the future, Mina demanded to “take the microphone away from all the men in the Brussels Bubble” and to gender mainstream politics in Europe. We want women to be visible, refugee and migrant women to be able to use their own voices and be heard!

WRR was nominated for the award by PES Women, which promotes gender equality and women’s representation both inside and outside the Party of European Socialists. It’s Vice-president Marja Bijl experienced WRR’s work first hand when she participated in our trainings and dialogue event on Lesvos this summer. We thank them for supporting us and believing in the importance of our work!

“PES Women nominated WRR as the work of this organisation is about what we social democrat feminists believe in. These women are strong and passionate and work on the ground with female refugees so that they will be able to stand up for themselves and improve their situation, which is so much needed. Not by telling them what to do, but by asking them what they need and by giving them the chance to discover their own strength. We witnessed their engagement first-hand and PES Women is really impressed by their work.” (Marja Bijl, Vice-president of PES Women)

Finally, we  would like to also congratulate to other Women of Europe 2017

Woman in Power: Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security
Women in Action: Adriana Lettrari, co-founder of the Third Generation of East Germany network
Woman in Business: Melody Hossaini, Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International

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