Zohreh Yasna Faizi

Zohreh is one of the Board members and part of the advocacy team of Women Refugee Route.

Zohreh is a former refugee from Afghanistan and she has lived in different countries such as Iran and the US. She has studied international law and is a long-time advocate for human rights for all.

One of the main tasks Zohreh is having the lead on is the legal strategy for the organisation. Hereby, she provides strategic advises on legal aspects for the development of the organisation’s structure and advocacy agenda. Lastly, Zohreh represents the organisation at international, regional and national fora.

Besides working with WRR, Zohreh is Chairwoman of Afghan Lawyers´ Association in Denmark, where the focus is on establishing free legal aid for all vulnerable people in Afghanistan. She has already established a legal aid office in Kabul, which primarily focuses on helping women and children in prisons and detentions centers.