Our Team

The WRR team is composed of members based in Denmark, Belgium and Greece. Among us are experts in tech (including certified trainers in new technologies), in project management, and legal and advocacy experts. Mina Jaf, WRR’s founder, is being increasingly recognised for her advocacy work at the local, national, European and international level. She advocates for the rights of refugee women, and is a role model for many. We believe the combination of experiences and expertise in our team, and our commitment to refugee women’s empowerment, make us more than qualified to carry this project.

Founder & Director 

WRR’s founder, Mina Jaf was born in Kurdistan. At 11 years old, Mina was forced by flee to Denmark as a refugee together with her mother and siblings. Mina identifies as a feminist and has dedicated herself to the work on refugee issues and on women’s rights issues, bringing her personal experience and perspective on gender inequality to her vocal advocacy and work with refugees.

Contact: Mina@womenrefugeeroute.org

Head of Trainings

Based in Brussels but originally from France, Juliette worked for several human rights organisations as legal advisor, project manager or advocacy officer. She cares about the promotion of human rights for all, especially women, LGBTI people and other marginalised groups. After she worked as a legal advisor for refugees and asylum seekers, Juliette pursued a degree in gender studies to explore the role of gender & identity in furthering or endangering the rights of specific groups of people. Her work with Women Refugee Route is a way to turn this reflection into action for change on the ground. At Women Refugee Route, Juliette coordinates Women Refugee Route’s trainings, including building partnerships with organisations on the ground, building of the curricula and logistical implementation.

Contact: Juliette@womenrefugeeroute.org 

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 Head of Communications

Since 2016 Roxane is in charge of WRR’s communication & media strategy. She is taking care of press relationships, event coverage and online presence.  Roxane was elected to the board in May 2018 and is currently holding the role of General Manager.

Roxane is a certified youth worker and has volunteered with various organisation over the past twenty years.

Besides her work for WRR, Roxane is member of the Young Social Democrat’s and co-hairs their Brussels Gender Equaliy Cluster. Roxane holds a Masters Degree in European Studies and a Bachelor in Governance and Public Policy.

Contact: roxane@womenrefugeeroute.org 

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Assistant to the Executive Director and Administration

Karla is directly supporting the Director Mina Jaf by managing personal and professional inquiries and requests. Further, Karla is carrying out administrative and secretarial work – coordinating the internal team communication, editing minutes and briefings and scheduling meetings. In addition, she supports the administrative tasks and communication in relation to Denmark-based events and inquiries. Karla does also contribute to the advocacy work and fundraising carried out by WRR. Besides working with WRR Karla is a full-time student at Lund University.

Contact: Karla@womenrefugeeroute.org

App Development & IT Support

Virginie works on everything technical. From the tech trainings to the website, she supports the team whenever a specific question arises. She also works closely on the App, with the help of Bob Dugan’s team. Virginie has a degree in Journalism, and has been working in Community Management since 2009.

Contact: Virginie@womenrefugeeroute.org

Fundraising Coordinator and Human Rights & Refugee Law Officer

Based in Brussels, Evelien is preparing a PhD on responsibility sharing in refugee protection, while working at a research centre linked to KU Leuven. Previously, she worked for human rights advocacy organisations, as well as the Belgian federal government in the field of asylum and migration. She attaches great value to the full recognition of the skills, capacities, and identities of women, as well as the creation of conditions for personal growth.

Contact: evelien@womenrefugeeroute.org

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Originally from Greece, Angeliki has always been devoted to the promotion of human rights and social equality. As a member of our Project Management team, she is supporting and contributing to the co-ordination and the logistical implementation of WRR’s trainings and events in Greece and functions as main point of contact there. With a background in both business and politics, she is currently focusing on the organizational development process of Women Refugee Route.

Contact: Angeliki@womenrefugeeroute.org 

Creative Advocacy and Communications

Lorena supports WRR through Creative Advocacy and Communications. With roots in Ecuador, Lorena is a human rights activist and a cultural catalyst, which is seen in various engagements around the world. From working with children and the arts in the Andean Cloud forests, engaging with youth and new media in the Middle East, to engaging critically with art to voice political & societal challenges in Denmark addressing displacement and migration.

She has been involved with several NGO’s, among others, with Norwegian People’s Aid, The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) and Crossing Borders. Lorena has also worked with the Ministry of Education in Ecuador. And she is a polyglot.

Last but not least, Lorena holds a MSc in Development and International Relations from Aalborg University Copenhagen, with specialization on Refugee Studies.

Contact: Lorena@womenrefugeeroute.org 

European Affairs & Gender Mainstreaming

Aurélie joined WRR in 2017 and has mainly been in charge of integrating the gender aspect into policy analysis, policy making and advocacy. She gives advice on the way WRR could influence better the policy making in general. She is part of the advocacy team and helps organising events and trainings. Aurélie has a bachelor degree in Political Science, a Master in Gender and Diversity and another Master in European Politics and Policies. She is specialised in the topic of gender mainstreaming.

Contact: Aurelie@womenrefugeeroute.org

Cyper Security & Tech Coaching

Rosanna is an Architectural Engineer by training and holds a Masters Degree in Building Physics from Kyoto University in Japan. For the past several years, this certified MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing, as well as EU Code Week ambassador, has led hands-on, result-oriented workshops in the areas of computer programming, data visualisation, the Internet of Things, and 3D design, to promote uptake of digital skills, particularly among girls and women. Today, she manages and develops curricula for the CyberWayFinder Training and Mentorship program, directly filling roles to increase diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity teams. 

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