WRR Advocacy Training in Brussels

The WRR Advocacy Training for Refugee Women is coming to Brussels on 15 & 16 June 2019.

WRR wants to empower women refugees to become self-advocates for themselves and their communities. We do this, among others, by organising workshops aimed at enhancing access to information on rights, health care, social services and safety, as well as developing skills on public speaking, story-telling and many more.

Over the course of two days the training will include sessons on:

  • universal human rights and the European and Belgian legal frameworks
  • possibilities for refugee women to enter the Belgian labour market and the  education systems
  • discussion on what is advocacy and why it is important to speak up, incl. tools on how to speak up for yourself and one’s community
  • stereotypes and how to break them

As for all of our trainings, we rely on external support in order to being able to provide free sessions, training materials and childcare, as well as food and drinks for all participants and accommodation for external facilitators. We very much appreciate any amount of donations from people who want to support our work financially.

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