Contribution: Global Flows – Migration and Security

Towards the end of 2017, Women Refugee Route was invited to share insights on the position of women in a refugee situation in today’s migration policy and practice. The contribution was part of the Friends of Europe ‘Global Flows: Migration and Security’ report. It takes stock of the efforts made in gender mainstreaming this policy and practice, and identifies the remaining challenges. At the same time, it formulates recommendations for policy-makers, as well as service providers in the field, on how to identify and address the realities of refugee women, while empowering them.

Read the contribution here.

Please cite as:

Wauters E, Andersen K, Roth R, Notebaert A, ‘Making the invisible visible – why EU policy makers need to address unequal access of refugee and migrant women to services, information, representation and decision making power’ in Global Flows: Migration and Security, Friends of Europe discussion paper (November 2017).


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