WRR Birthday Cake Sale

WRR 2 Year Anniversary

The coming month marks Women Refugee Route’s two year anniversary. We would like to celebrate this occasion  with you in Brussels on 7 March from 18:30 – 21:00 o’clock at Boom Café.

Event: How Europe takes forward Refugee Compacts – A girl child perspective

Women and girls who flee conflict, crisis and natural disasters, or who migrate for other reasons, such as domestic violence or poverty, face specific threats, including human trafficking, exploitation and sexual violence and a denial of their basic human rights. Yet there is a lack of interest and understanding for the specific situation of women […]

Women Refugee Route Forum Week, July 2017, Lesvos

The WRR Forum Week was a new concept which we carried out for the first time this summer on Lesvos island. Our goal was to make the most of our one-week stay in Mytiline and provide trainings for refugee women and volunteers, while also conducting field research and learn about the situation on the island first hand.

Women Refugee Route Inaugural Workshop in Athens, 25/26 February 2017

After months of discussing possible concepts for a workshop and a relevant training curriculum, we launched the first Women Refugee Route volunteer workshop in Athens, Greece. At the premises of the Salvation Army Athens, we welcomed 25 women from over 12 different countries. They all contributed with their knowledge and experience from working for various […]