What started as an idea at the “Move It Forward for Women Refugees – female digital starters weekend” hosted by the Digital Leadership Institute in Brussels in autumn 2016 is becoming an actual App that will help refugee women to connect with interpreters. .

Technology is revolutionizing how women refugees navigate their journey, and at Women Refugee Route, we aim to leverage new and innovative ways to harness the power of technology to reach and help those who are most vulnerable.Our app is designed to virtually connect refugees with trained multi-lingual volunteers and workers on the ground. 

Women Refugee Route focuses on refugee women’s access to information on their rights, recent information on the transit route and available services through deployment of interpreters who have the relevant skill set to pass complex information in the refugees’ native language. WRR is attempting to coordinate services among multiple providers to assist victims of gender-based violence.

WRR is grateful to have receive technical support by a class of the Department of Computer Science from Stonehill College, MA in the United States. The group of students (on the picture below) is currently building an IOS and Android version of the App. We are planning to test the first version of the App with refugee women in Athens later this spring.